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12 Smart Ways to Use Wire Shelves in Your Kitchen

Thời gian đăng: 28-05-2015 16:23 | 652 lượt xemIn bản tin

Wire shelves — frequently a staple of garage or basement organizing projects — might not be the first thing you think of adding to your kitchen

but they are incredibly useful.

Not only can they hold a lot of weight (your stand mixer can find a home there, no problem), but they add a bit of an industrial look that can really complement your stainless steel appliances. Here

are 12 beautiful kitchens and pantries that put the organizing staple to good use.

  • Appliance Storage - Apartment Therapy: If you don't have a lot of counter space, wire shelves can be the perfect solution for storing small appliances, like your microwave or toaster oven.
  • Well-Organized - The Everygirl: This shelving unit, while it holds a lot, isn't overloaded to the point of looking cluttered. Plus, the shelves are smartly organized with frequently used items within easy reach, and serving pieces on the upper shelves.
  • Open Shelving - Interior Collective: One of the best things about wire shelving is that even when it's loaded up with pantry staples and pots and pans, it still lets a lot of light in.
  • Wire Pantry - House Beautiful: There's a reason this pantry is so beautiful and organized — it belongs to the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten. We love that even though this space might not have been designed to be a pantry, adding the shelves makes it fit perfectly.

  • Snack Storage - Better Homes & Gardens: Make it easier to snack healthfully by keeping good-for-you foods in plain sight on your open shelving.
  • Hanging Pots - Deeconstructed: S-hooks will be your best friends with wire shelving. You can hang pots and pans easily without giving up any shelf space.
  • Short Storage - Home Depot: You don't have to have a ton of wall space in order to add wire shelves. This short version fits in almost any kitchen, and still adds a lot of storage.
  • Countertop Storage - Dwell: Don't think that you have to have a lot of floor space to add wire shelves. You can actually add shorter versions above your counters if you don't have built-in cabinets. It's a great solution for renters.

  • Narrow Storage - Apartment Therapy: You can find wire shelving in a range of widths, so it can be easily added to most kitchens. Plus, it can help you make use of otherwise wasted space.
  • Rolling Cart - Improvements: If you need mobile storage, this narrow rolling cart is ideal. It's just 10 inches wide and can be moved around your kitchen as you need it.
  • Hidden Pantry - House*Tweaking: Most of the time you see silver wire shelves, but we love the white ones, too. Especially on a white wall, they just disappear and make the space feel less cluttered.
  • Bulk Pantry - Delightful Order: If you keep a lot of bulk items or baking supplies, wire shelving is the easiest and most inexpensive way to organize all your matching containers.
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