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7 Ways To Organize Using Wire Shelving

Thời gian đăng: 14-04-2015 09:48 | 546 lượt xemIn bản tin

1. Kitchen Cabinet Clutter Buster: A kitchen with limited cabinet space can become a bit of a nightmare (believe me)! By using a wire shelf for large appliances and other kitchen supplies, the cabinets will become immediately more spacious and functional. via The Everygirl


2. Playroom Toy Hub: As kids grow and multiply, so do their toys! The best way to tame the toy piles that are accumulating on the floor is to create vertical storage (shelf, shelf baby!). Using fabric bins also makes things super portable and accessible. via Domino


3. Garage Back-stock Storage: Whether it’s for garden supplies, laundry room items, or household product back-stock, here’s a fantastic example of how a wire shelf can makeover any storage room. Line the garage, basement, or attic walls with these heavy-lifter shelves, and you’ve got a home for just about anything! via William-Sonoma


4. Bedroom Beauty: This wire shelving unit is a storage solution for a variety of bedroom and office items. Whether you’re tackling overflow shoes, books or even a television, this shelving option is super versatile. via The Everygirl

SimplySpaced_metroshelving_remodelista copy

5. Media Room Makeover: With everything from bins of DVDs, blankets and workout gear, this unit is a dream system for any main living room or media room. The homeowner, Christina Hanway says, “The best $1000 dollars I ever spent were on these metro shelves which have been around the world in 5 homes with me.”  via Remodelista


6. Party Central: Hosting a dinner party looks a whole lot easier when the platters, pitchers, and linens are right where you need them. Mixing in some wicker baskets and vintage crates to contain tablecloths and napkins is simply brilliant! via Better Homes and Gardens


7. Pantry Perfection: If pantry space is nonexistent, but a free hallway or room off of the kitchen is just waiting for a new purpose, here’s an idea! Wire shelving is fantastic for pantry storage since the shelving can be adjusted to the height of the items you need to store.


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